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The value white and red wines of this collection are intended to be appreciated young. Whites are subtle in taste, fruity and fresh, with a fine bouquet, they seduce by their pale colour and should be served chilled with seafood and desserts. Reds are forward in style, offering supple, rich texture and lush finish. Grab a bottle or two for your middle of the week dinner and enjoy a fair ratio of character, quality and price.



Vintage: 2015


Color: Ruby red color.

Nose: Intense aroma of red fruits.

Mouth: Fruity tannins with lovely freshness, blackcurrant notes make this wine even more pleasant and desirable.


Appellation: Bordeaux Contrôlée

Varieties: 60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Soils: Clay /Limestones

Vats: Stainless steel.

Danse Blanche


Vintage: 2015


Color: Rich yellow color.

Nose: Very intense aroma with some hints of ripe mirabelle, apricots, orange jam and exotic lychee fruit, as well as vanilla and wood.

Mouth: Mouth is oily, with beautiful sweetness and volume, balanced with good freshness and acidity.


Appellation: Bordeaux Contrôlée

Varieties: 90% Sauvignon, 10% Sémillon.

Soils: Clay / Limestones

Vats: Stainless steel.